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"Frequently Asked Questions"

1. MYTH:

You can’t wash your eyes while wearing lash extensions.


Not only can you wash your lashes, but it is RECOMMENDED! You want to clean your lashes DAILY. Cleaning your lashes will remove any unwanted dirt, debris, make-up residue, etc. Cleaning your lashes will also prevent you from getting infections (i.e.: Blepharitis, lash mites, etc.) Clean lashes also = BETTER RETENTION! Who wouldn’t want longer, lasting lashes?! To better cleanse your lashes, Beauti Foaming Lash Cleanser is highly recommended for daily use.

2. MYTH:

Eyelash Extensions damage your natural lashes.


When applied CORRECTLY (i.e.: 1:1 ratio or 1 false lash extension per 1 single isolated natural lash) they should NOT cause any damage to your natural lashes.

3. MYTH:

Eyelash Extensions are painful.​


With proper isolation & lash placement lash extensions are pain free!

4. MYTH:

Any person that is TRAINED/CERTIFIED to do lash extensions is qualified to do them.


Lash Extensions is a PROFESSIONAL service and should only be performed by a LICENSED cosmetologist/esthetician, or the technician must have a specialty license in lash extensions (BbeautiAndLashes Artists are LICENSED).

5. MYTH:

You can get LONG lengths, regardless of the condition of your natural lashes.​


The health and safety of your natural lashes is the MOST important. Only lengths that your natural lash can healthily support will be used. If you desire a FULLER look, a VOLUME SET is recommended. Please ask Prisca “Bre” Barnes (Master Lash Artist), at the time of your appointment.

6. MYTH:

A full set of eyelash extensions will lash a full 6 weeks without a refill.​


Our natural lashes shed approx. 2-5 lashes daily (on average about 3 lashes per day, 21 lashes per week), so most clients will need a refill every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes BEAUTIFUL & FULL. Your lifestyle plays a HUGE part of your lash retention. If you have an active lifestyle (work out, swim, use sauna, sweat, etc.) wear make-up daily, or if you are a wild sleeper, you might loose more lashes than say a client whose lifestyle isn’t so busy.


(50% of lashes must be maintained for a refill service. Refills can be booked weekly up to 4 weeks. A fresh FULL SET service must be booked after 4 weeks.)