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beauTEA LashStrip washer

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beauTEA LashStrip washer will be coming soon! The beauTEA washer can be use for cleaning all lash strips.

Clean and dry the lash strips in short time, which removes all the harmful bacteria.


Color: Black/Gold

Material: Plastic

Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (Not included)

Features: Minature Size, Cleaning tool, Durable

Size: 8.8cm x 8.8cm x 11cm/3.46"x 3.46" x 4.33" (Approx.)

Suitable age: 3 years old above



How to Use:

easy to use, just add a little warm water and your personal preference of soap, makeup cleanser, or antibacterial soap in it, but do not make it full, place the lash strip into the water, close the lid and press the start button. The washer will start spinning, just like a real washing machine. After using, drain the water using the hose.